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Bikram Yoga

Monday, November 15th, 2010

I used to do a lot of Bikram Yoga, I had the yearly unlimited membership and I used it well.  Then I moved to London and to do the Love Never Dies show and my body was screaming at me not to do any more than it was already doing in the show.  I do eight shows a week and have just one day off a week.

Lately I have been missing Bikram Yoga, but my whole November is an intense rehearsal time of the show each daytime, and performing the old version of the show in the evenings.  But I have been making an effort to get myself to a class when I can.  My back is still telling me not to as it is still sore, but today i just laid off the bikram backbends a tiny bit.

When I came out of class today some other people in the class asked me why I needed Bikram Yoga when I was already so flexible…  Apart from the fact that I enjoy it, then there are so many reasons I like Bikram Yoga – such as the back strengthening, the focus, hamstring flexibility (relative to the rest of me my hamstrings are tight…), and although it is tough in there then when i finish then i feel fresh and fabulous 🙂

Since I have been in London I have been going here and it is very nice:

Random kershazzle

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

I write this blog not only for other people to read but also as a ‘for myself’ kind of thing.  Sometimes I think no-one else reads my blog, i haven’t exactly actively told people about it except for put a link on my website.  But if you are out there and reading my blog, then hello and i hope you enjoy reading it !!!

Scott Eaton – Bodies In Motion Photoshoot

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

Back in July I did a photoshoot with Scott Eaton for his project Bodies in Motion II.  The result was some stunning pictures.

I am not doing too many/any photoshoots at the present moment due to keeping my body tip top for the 8 shows a week of LND that I am already committed to.   And so these will likely be the last pictures for a while, enjoy 🙂