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Some more Seychelles photos :-)

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

I just wanted to post these photos of me because I think they are really great.  They were taken by Graeme Sacks.dsc03151.JPGdsc03142.JPG

The Seychelles

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

In April I went to the Seychelles (via a gig in Monte Carlo) to perform my handstand act at a private event. It was one of the most amazing locations I think I have ever been to in my whole entire life!


My handstand act felt fabulous, they wanted me to enter being carried on in my box so I changed the beginning of the act and it worked so so well that I think I may keep it like that!

And then I had three whole days to chill out on the beach. I hadn’t taken any local currency with me and so I had to skip things like the trip to the capital Victoria. But where I was staying was really lovely and so I had three happy beach days! I am not always very good at laying still and sunbathing and since the beach was not full of people I flipped around and did lots of handstands 🙂 I whacked my point and click camera a bit too hard on day one of the trip, but i still managed to occasionally revive it to work and got a little bit of video 🙂

Shawish – The Worlds First Diamond Ring

Monday, April 25th, 2011


On Thursday April 14th at Il Bottaccio I had the pleasure of performing at the grand unveil of the Worlds First Diamond Ring.  It is an amazing ring that is made entirely out of diamond and worth rather a lot of money!

The fabulous Evan decorated me in silver and sparkles, and I looked extremely and wonderfully dazzling 🙂  I performed a handstand balance and contortion act which was very well received and very enjoyable to perform.


Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

I have finally joined Twitter, I will just be using it for contortion/handstand/work news

I can be found at @handstandsally

Aria Champagne Reception Evening

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

My first handstand gig since LND finished was on monday night (I had a months break after LND to let my back have a rest from a year of 8 shows a week).  Well it felt healed, and it felt good :-)It was for the Aria Champagne Reception Evening, I wore an Aria supplied cycling costume, and performed a customised handstand contortion act.  Here are a few pictures:208106_10150555935650524_679525523_18240161_8023732_n1.jpg 215509_10150555935295524_679525523_18240156_7997501_n.jpg216897_10150555933655524_679525523_18240122_187714_n.jpg

New Beginnings for 2011

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

It is one month since I finished at Love Never Dies.  

Do I miss it? Kind of.  I do miss it, I had a wonderful year. But I am also loving getting to do so many other wonderful things.  You only live once and you have to experience as many things as you can in your lifetime.  I have many things I wish to try, and in many many years to come i’ll die a happy lady knowing that I achieved and experienced so many different things.

I had most of March off to let my back heal, although i did do some light training.  LND slightly destroyed my back as it didn’t really get any time off for a year even when it was really bruised (i was bending through pain – never good – don’t do it!), luckily it is feeling tons better now it has had a chance to have a rest.

And now, into April, then I am busy busy busy gigging, handstanding, contorting, and teaching gymnastics.  I am loving having my evenings and weekends free and i have been training quite a lot and whipping my body back into shape.  I have also had many exciting projects, and have been gigging and filming and doing lots of wonderful things 🙂

I am also in the midst of doing my next gymnastics coaching qualification.  I am teaching quite a lot of gymnastics classes at the moment and I am really loving it.  We had a gymnastics festival last weekend, and the children I teach all did a display that they have been working on for the last month,  it was really good.  At the festival I also did a beam routine, I happily agreed to this a few weeks before the festival, before I had stood on the big beam and tried to do anything other than a handstand for the first time in quite a few years… at first it was scary, even simple things like a split leap, but eventually I was beginning to get used to it again and it was FUN !!!!

My problem with training more gymnastics is that the more I do the more I want to do.  I want to go training every single day.  Unfortunately I can’t because although East London Gym in Beckton is amazing value for money  (£5 for 3hrs in the daytimes every day), then I can’t make the sessions every day, and in the evenings I could go to the gymnastics centre at Talacre at Kentish Town except it is a whopping £10 for 2 hrs, and that kind of prices me out.

The other day I was walking back from gymnastics coaching as I had forgotten my Oyster Card, and I passed some metal exercise bars in the park, so i jumped onto them and started doing swings and leglifts and chins and basic bars stuff, people were walking past with wtf looks on their faces and i didn’t care!  You can take me out of gymnastics but you can’t take the gymnastics out of me!