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Saturday, July 30th, 2011

I haven’t updated for a while.  I guess I have been too busy!

Since I last updated I have been happily performing across London, and in Reading and Wales.  I have also been mid-moving house and packing 90% of my belongings up in storage while i wait to move into my new flat, and also training my butt off at the gymnastics centre.  Oh and also teaching gymnastics classes most mornings and afternoons.  So it has been a very very hectic month, and I am happy August is finally here!

August will have me living in my new flat.  Performing mainly in London during August.  Training a lot in the gymnastics centre.  And training the beginnings of a new handstand act.  It is the school holidays and so I am not coaching gymnastics and have a lot more free time to be able to create some new material.

Me – Adam Street Club

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Last week one of my performances was at Adam Street Club at a Private Event.  I was performing 3 ambient sets of 20 minutes each.

Below is a video of part of the beginning of my first performance set. In the sets that followed I performed handbalance, and squeezing into my perspex contortion box which measures 16.5×16.5×19 inches (i am 5’7″).