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I love this photo

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Another shot from my shoot with Simon Richardson.  I love this photo.I woke up on the day of the shoot with 1-2 hours to get ready and no idea what i was going to wear to this shoot, aside from my halloween costume I had shot in nearly every item of clothing i own and i had run out of ideas.  So i quickly packed a box with items from my sewing drawer, crafts drawer, packaging box, and jewellery draw, basically anything i saw went in.  And the below picture resulted and i LOVE   sally155.jpg

Not as flexible as i can go but aesthetically/photographically was superior to all the images of the same pose where my leg was pulled way over my head is this image.


Halloween Handbalance – Arachnid

Friday, September 14th, 2012

I have a special Halloween Handbalance Act.  Photo’s below by the amazing Simon Richardson.Inspired recently by the ghastly 8 legged nasty spider that entered my bedroom and ran across the bed towards me causing a mini heart attack and a big Eeeekk scream from me, then I decided that it was a bit like me, big long legs and the ability to squeeze into a small space (didn’t get rid of it for an hour!).  So I made an act to fit and good for Halloween.I guess I could also be a witch or a dracula… I forgot to photograph my amazing black and red long cape with the costume!

But anyway, I can do ambient sets or a choreographed act which is 5 1/2 minutes long and culminates with me squeezing into my box.




Friday, September 14th, 2012

If you do read my blog then I would love it if you could leave a comment now and again 🙂  It keeps me happy and encourages me to post more often!!!  🙂

Shambala Festival

Friday, September 14th, 2012

This was one of the most awesome festivals I have been to.  I am not usually a festival person, I dislike camping and using portaloos.  I agreed to perform at Shambala with a little bit of fear that I didn’t own a tent, wellies, anything festival like, and a car to get me there and back.  Luckily friends helped me out with the accessories and Shambala was a wonderful place where everything was wonderful, and a stunning location.

I performed my Hanky Panky act once a day in the Kamikaze tent.  It was a fabulous cabaret with some incredibly talented acts.

Here are a few photos, the ones of me actually performing were taken by the incredible Spencer Dixey.




And me with my big rucksack bag like a proper little festival goer who travelled by train and bus, and it was ok!!!!


And to Autumn/Winter

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Wow London you have been AWESOME this summer !!!! Queens Jubilee, Olympics, Paralympics.  I feel so lucky to be living in London and being able to witness all of this as it has truly been a very special summer.I have been busy performing at some amazing events – some connected to the Olympics/Paralympics and some not.  I’d name some of my favourite events I have performed at over the summer but every event is special to me as it is a different audience each time, and it is a pleasure to be able to show and perform my talents and acts to every appreciative person whoever they are and wherever they come from.   Over the summer I have performed in posh hotels, fields and festivals, restaurants with the best views over London, spectacular halls, and on the television 🙂

And now to Autumn/Winter.  Below is a sneek peak at an image by Nick Delaney of me in my Snow Princess costume.  It already has a few hundred sparkly rhinestones on it that really sparkle in the light, I also plan to have a few hundred more rhinestones added to it!  Images of Christmas Elfs, and Halloween Witches to come!!!