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2012 over. Hello 2013.

Sunday, December 30th, 2012

2012 is over and done with, and 2013 is hours away from being here.

2102 was an interesting year.  I was lucky enough to be able to perform at some really really wonderful events, travel to some amazing countries, appear exclusively on a 40 metre long billboard, appear on a primetime television programme, meet and work with more amazing performers, and pass my knowledge and skills on to some wonderful children in my teaching work, and gain my next two teaching qualifications.

I also learnt alot myself during 2012, what direction I want to head in artistically and what new pieces of work I want to create and show to the world.  I also learnt of other paths I want to begin stepping down, I have so many interests and aims and goals in life, I want to give each one the maximum chances to happen.

And so to 2013.  I am excited for it, and if it is anything like the last year has been then I know i will finish it with a big smile on my face.

Happy December !!!!

Friday, December 7th, 2012

Happy December Everybody !!!!!!


A Journey

Friday, December 7th, 2012

I LOVE performing, it is in my heart, it is not an easy world, but the corporate world of performing is a world my heart loves.

One day I will tell my whole story of my journey through performing, it is quite some journey, I do believe I have had a rockier road than most have or will ever have.  I can’t tell it now because there are some things I am not able to mention without naming names, which i feel unable to do and it is not appropriate for the general internet, but if I could then you would hear in detail about a journey along a rocky slippery mountainous road where at the very beginning there were many times i stumbled and doubted myself, many times other people tried to push me down, people that did things to me that were very very wrong, and even more times where I walked along the mountain tops peaks with a view so beautiful I knew to stay strong and pick myself up every time I stumbled or was pushed about.  Today I strongly and proudly walk tall along these mountain tops smiling the whole way.  Once upon a time I dreamed of performing, I have achieved more than I thought I ever would, and I will continue to walk those mountain peaks doing handstands, teaching others, keeping happy, and amazing people with my talents along the way.