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The Vitality Show

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Last year I went to the Vitality Show, and I had such an amazing time I am going to go this year as well.

It is a show at Earls Court all to do with beauty, health, wellbeing etc etc.  There is lots to see and do, and last year i picked up lots and lots of freebies as well as purchasing a few discounted things from the stands.  I also entered lots of competitions and i didn’t win a car but i did win an awesome bag 🙂

This year I am a Vitality Show 2013 Ambassador.  Which means I have an awesome little code that you can enter when booking tickets and get big discounts.

The show runs from 21st-24th March at Earls Court, London.  Visit for more information.

Enter the code AM13 to get £8 tickets weekday, and £10 tickets weekend.  Tickets are usually £20.

Gig in Aberdeen for a large oil company

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Last night I was gigging in Aberdeen.  It is my second time to perform in Aberdeen and I very much enjoy it there, the people are so friendly, and it is a pleasure to perform there.Anyway, last night I was feeling sparkly and between my first and second sets I added more and more rhinestones to my face, I LOVE the end result and I felt fabulous 🙂

Hair/Headdress, make up and costume are all done by myself.


Knees, and picture’s from today’s training session

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

A few weeks ago I took a few weeks off and had keyhole surgery on my knees to clean up the cartilage, and trim away impinged inflamed fat pad.  Anyway, being very strong pre-arthroscopy means my recovery has felt rather speedy, i can not jump or tumble for a few more weeks, but I have my full ROM except very end range flexion back and low impact stuff is fine.

I am now fully back handstanding on canes and contorting 🙂

Pre-Op – Pictures from 2 weeks ago when i was bored waiting to go down to theatre.

chest-stand-on-the-hosp-bed_opt.jpg bridge-on-the-hosp-bed_opt.jpg

2 Weeks Post Op – Feeling fabulous again

still-5.jpeg still-6.jpeg still-3.jpeg



I am bionic haha, actually i put my speedy recovery down to three things – firstly I was very strong and flexible pre-op, secondly i made a whole rehab plan and followed it religiously, with one week of a lot of rest and basic exercises and icing, then built it up gradually in the second week, etc, and thirdly my mind set is one where i am very positive, think well be well, think strong be strong, it all starts with how your mind thinks.  Oh, and i also listen to my body, such an important thing.

A picture by Nick Delaney

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Nick has made a wonderful picture called ‘Dandelion’.  Each part of the picture is me, doing a bendy handstand.  Isn’t it wonderful!!!dandelion-by-nick-delaney.jpg

Hello !!!

Monday, January 7th, 2013


An old picture

Monday, January 7th, 2013

I have very very few pictures from my sports acro trio days (more from the duo days), but here is one of me and my trio in a display we did in about 2003/4.  This trio unfortunately never got to compete!  I am in the middle.  (yes i need to point my toes more and yes Bethan needs to get her legs higher!).



Monday, January 7th, 2013

I have many plans for January and February.Among them is creating.  The beginning few months of the year are for me in general quieter than the other months, this means i can spend some quality time in the rehearsal space training and creating some new material.  I have already started on my new act ‘Hypnotized’, and over the next few months I aim to finish and debut it.  I must admit to being extremely excited because I think it is going to be an awesome act 🙂   I am liking spending time over creating this act as it means i can scrutinise each bit of it to make it smooth and top class.

Another of my plans is to get back into doing more aerial.  I am mainly a handbalancer and contortionist and those always will take first place in my training.  But I aim to also begin to develop a new aerial hoop act, I look nice on the aerial hoop too 🙂   Infact once I had stopped competitive gymnastics then I began my journey into the circus world as an aerialist – static trapeze and then aerial hoop.  Then I specialised in handbalance and contortion.

Did you know that…

Saturday, January 5th, 2013

Ok one of the most popular questions I get asked is if I have always been able to do bendy things.

The answer is yes and no.

It is a mixture of natural ability, and a lot of hard work and dedication.

As a child I was naturally flexible, I can not remember not being able to do the splits or a bridge. Would this flexibility have lasted had I not been put into gymnastics? I don’t know.  But what gymnastics did do is maintain my flexibility and build on my strength and power.  I say maintain because I did Artistic Gymnastics and they had more focus in making me stronger and more powerful.  It was my own work in increasing my flexibility throughout my teenage years that led me to becoming more flexible, and even more work in my 20s.  It was then experience, training, and rehearsal time that led to me being able to use the technical skills I had and make them interesting and into a performance worthy state.  Technical ability is useless as a performer if your performances are boring and the same old.

But on a technical level then another question people ask me is if I am double jointed? No, i just have one joint like every other human being.  But here is an interesting page I found that talks a bit about bendy bodies 🙂


Saturday, January 5th, 2013

Did you know that….

I have a degree in Physiotherapy… yes I managed to get a 2.1 BSc (hons) Physiotherapy degree just before I began my performing career.  Immediately after graduating I launched myself into the performing arts and did not attempt to get a job as a physiotherapist.  My heart did not lie in becoming a physiotherapist at that time.

I wanted to go straight into performing but my parents had other ideas and wanted me to do a good academic/career enhancing degree.

Since I was very academic then this was one of the best things they made me do, because not only is it always there to use should i need to use it, then even though it only taught me the basics of the basics and tbh i don’t remember it all.. then it taught me so so much that I do remember that is so relevant to my current occupation in performing and in my teaching work.

For some people higher education is not their best option.  But for me personally, then getting my degree and the skills and knowledge i acquired along the way were definitely a bonus 🙂  Infact without it maybe I wouldn’t be where I am today, life is a journey, and some things just happen for a reason.

New Years Resolutions – Training/Performing

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

o other than my ordinary life resolutions which are irrelevant to the purpose of this blog here are a few of my 2013 resolutions for training and performing.

  • Finish my new Handbalance Contortion Act – Hypnotized
  • Film the above act in HD – as much for myself when i am 80 and showing the grandkids what i could do back in the days as for the fact it would be really handy for promotional purposes.
  • Get strong enough to do a perfect box splits top planche handstand that is almost at horizontal, and be completely comfortable to do that little head tilt thing Olga P does.
  • Develop a new male female duo act.
  • Get more work with Lisa with my female duo act – our duo is awesome.
  • Stretch more to get bendier
  • Create a new aerial hoop act
  • Learn Silks
  • New Website
  • New Headshot
  • Work hard in the gymnastics centre, maybe compete in the British Veterans Championships
  • Coach my little group of gymnasts to compete in a WA gymnastics competition
  • And one of my main ones is a course outside of gymnastics and circus but still within performing that i’m going to do, but it’s top secret for now 🙂