I love going to Bikram Yoga, I am also taking part in a yoga championships tomorrow.

The style of yoga i choose to practice and the fact i am participating in a championships goes against a few people’s ‘views’ of yoga, and because i am getting bored of explaining to a few people then I thought i’d do a blog post instead 🙂

If people don’t agree with anything i do then that is up to them, i am not making them participate in my journey, I do not mind if they don’t fully understand it, and everyone is entitled to their opinions, all i want is for people to understand and respect that this is my wonderful journey and i am learning, achieving and enjoying it all so much along the way.

I tried several different types of yoga classes.  I went to Bikram yoga because a new studio opened in my city and i was interested in trying a different type of yoga.  I believe there are no wrong or right yogas, and that if someone gets a benefit from and/or enjoys whatever type of yoga then that is great 🙂  For me then I went to Bikram yoga and found it was the right yoga for me, so I stick with it.  I am always still open to trying any other types of yoga alongside Bikram yoga, I don’t see any other yogas as inferior, i just get along with Bikram yoga very well.  The heat helps me, and no it hasn’t caused me to overstretch and get injured, infact quite the opposite, not only is it healing my shoddy knees but it is helping me to get more flexible and is absolutely great for strengthening especially my back muscles and my leg muscles.

The championships tomorrow has judges, and scores, and medals and placings.  I understand yoga isn’t about being competitive with others.  And in essence although it sounds like a really competitive thing to do as there are judges and medals then actually it is the least competitive competition i think i have ever done.  I have done plenty of competitions in my time in many different things, although mainly gymnastics.  The yoga championships feels different.  It is about showing all i have learnt and achieved, and aiming to do it all as technically correct as i can in this moment in my life.  And for me i really like it because to be honest I work really hard and dedicate a lot of time to my practice, and it is like the icing to be able to demonstrate what i have learnt and achieved.  I have no idea what will happen on saturday, i may get nervous and fall out of everything, or i may do like i have done in practice and do a good routine of my asanas.  What i do know is that only i can control my own routine, and what everyone else does is out of my control, but i hope that everyone else also does their routine well, because i know how much time they will have put into their practice.  I will be happy if i complete my routine to the best of my current ability, wherever i place i place.  And next year i also want to do the competition and i want to surpass my current abilities, because i have SO much still to learn in my practice, and i am so eager to dedicate time to learning and understanding it.  I have also met and made friends with so many wonderful and inspiring people along my journey to taking part in the championships, and for that i am very grateful.

I am also so incredibly inspired right now, by the people i practice alongside, the people i have had the privilege to witness their practice, and from people i have seen on the internet.  I have so so much to learn, this is the beginning of my journey and i look forward to the rest of it.  Namaste

Sally M at Portland Bill yes i am really on the rock, i’m a nutter 🙂

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