A fabulous week of gymnastics coaching!

This week has been busy.I performed my handbalance contortion act at some wonderful corporate events including for a pharmaceutical company’s annual conference, and for a cirque themed ball.

I took my yr3/4 school gymnasts to our borough school’s gymnastics competition.  They had only had one week’s practice at doing and learning the competition routines (as that is the amount of notice given to me), the other schools had had months.  My gymnasts all did super, and although they won no medals this time then they did themselves proud with a 7th and 8th place team finish, and one gymnast achieved the top score of the day on the vault.  I am very positive that next year these same gymnasts will be winning medals at the same competition. 🙂

Next was the Tekne Annual Festival of Gymnastics.  All of the Tekne school groups produced a display routine and all came together to perform their individual displays.  There were some wonderful displays 🙂  I was on the microphone presenting the festival, much fun!

And lastly was the London Gymnastics BG Club Conference.  A coaching conference that sadly only happens once a year because it was really really excellent.  I learnt a lot of new things and it was very useful.

And tomorrow it starts all again with manic monday where unless I have a gig I teach gymnastics all day to some wonderful recreational gymnasts, and in the evening my squad competition groups.  Exciting when you have lots of new ideas from the weekend you wish to include, plus the gym where i teach has just invested in some really amazing and exciting new training aids 🙂

Picture of me in the gym doing a ring jump (yes jump not leap…)


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