April 2013

2013 has been such an interesting year so far.  Interesting work, and interesting adventures.  I have very happily come back to doing a lot of yoga and the benefits i have been getting from that have been amazing.  I have also been teaching and teaching lots of children the joys of going upsidedown.

So what is planned for the rest of the summer… well quite a few wonderful gigs, and a few exciting photoshoots in the next few weeks. And I must mention June because it is going to be AMAZING.  My duo ‘Kurve’ are very very lucky to be travelling to Myanmar to perform with Incandescence, i am very very much looking forward to that.  And then I must also mention Glastonbury, because I have two new acts I am performing there, I will update my blog at a later date with more info, but I am going to be very very very sparkling, and omg it is going to be AMAZING !!!

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