Bikram Yoga

Back when I lived in Bristol i used to do a lot of Bikram Yoga, i loved it, had unlimited membership and went several times a week.  Then i moved to London and due to working on a show for a year then i found it really hard to fit yoga in, and after that then i guess i just never really picked it all up again.  Since March 2010 i must have been about 8 times…

A new studio opened earlier this month in Highbury and Islington which is a stones throw away from my house, and it is run by Carl and Georgina who own the Bristol studio.  So i purchased the special offer of 30 days for £30, i had to wait a bit before i began to use it because of my knee arthroscopies i had in January, but this week i began practicing Bikram Yoga again 🙂  It will take me a while before i am back to where i want to be, i’m not as good as i used to be at some of the balances yet, i’m used to balancing on my hands not my feet lol.  But hopefully with a bit of dedication and focus my practice and form will improve.

For me personally then the benefits i get from Bikram are mainly enjoyment, strength and focus.  The standing series is great for my quads, especially right now.  The lying series is great for my back strength, very important especially right now where i am on a stretching/contortion intensive training mission and balancing the flexibility with strength is vital.  The focus, well i have zilch concentration and so it’s great for making it better 🙂

My main focus’s are the above, and the practice is for my own journey, but maybe i will be also be good enough to enter the Yoga Asana Championship in 2014 🙂

In Bikram then they always seem to say that if you can make it through Bikram Yoga you can cope with anything in life.  For me i see it as the other way round, because my life hasn’t been an easy one, and i know that if i have managed to cope with what has happened to me in my life i can get through a Bikram class easy.


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