Facebook Addiction = The need for a Facebook month off!

After deciding i was too addicted to Facebook I decided to have a break from it.  I used to go on it on autopilot as soon as the computer got switched on, and wasted endless hours on there.  I designated March as my No Facebook month.

It is sad but i would spend hours on Facebook and then would end up comparing my life to everyones amazing news updates i read about and got depressed i wasn’t doing enough, when actually i have this amazing life where i am happy and content.  Being single and babyless i also got a bit bored of all the baby pictures and updates that seem to take over 75% of my newsfeed…

I logged out on my computer and deleted the Facebook app from my phone.  10 days in and i was struggling, the temptation to log in was great, all i could think about was what i was missing out on.  At the same time it was blissfully refreshing not to have my life being taken over by Facebook.  I resisted temptation and didn’t log in.  I am now 20 days in and I still haven’t logged in.  It is amazing how i now feel like i don’t have to be on Facebook all the time, that it doesn’t matter what the Facebook world is up to because this is MY life here and now, i DO NOT NEED to log into Facebook to live my life happily.  I am very grateful for my Facebook break.

I will however be logging in on the 1st April 00:01am.  However, I plan to log out after each log in to reduce the autopilot Facebook visits and restrict my time on there, and i am still debating whether to reinstall the app on my phone.


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