May is looking to be fairly exciting so far 🙂

I am performing the majority of May’s gigs at private events in London doing handstands and contortion.  I am also performing both my handstand contortion act and my aerial hoop act in Cambridge towards the middle of the month.

I am in the gymnastics centre a fair bit at the moment, it is like an addiction where the more i train then the more i want to train.  I am just very lucky that London offers some fantastic adult gymnastics sessions.  I divide my training between East London Gymnastics Centre, and Camden/Talacre Gymnastics Centre.

I am also back to coaching gymnastics sessions in several schools, both primary and secondary around North London.  There is a competition some of the children I teach are working towards which is exciting.  And I am working towards obtaining my next coaching qualification which is also exciting.

2 Responses to “May”

  1. Adam says:

    Where do you coach? What qualifications do you have/are you going for? How have we not crossed paths?!

  2. Sally M says:

    I currently mainly coach for Tekne Gymnastics, I go to a variety of schools around North London (mainly Hampstead, Belsize Park, Highgate) and teach before school, after school, and PE classes.

    I have WA L1, am about to do the exam for GG L2, and about to do the course for WA L2, plus while the Mayor’s Legacy Fund is in place I want to do a few more in other disciplines.

    I have coached on and off for about ten years, just haven’t ever got round to doing the next coaching qualifications until now. Even though I am only WA L1 I have coached in about four different recreational plus top level competitive clubs in three different counties, in WA, GG, and SA.

    We probably haven\’t crossed paths because I have only been in London 1 1/4 years and 1 year of that I was practically living in the theatre! Where do you coach?